On the internet, each action triggered by a user and/or each entered content can be tracked and read. The exchange of contents between private individuals via various media (p.e. on social networks, by email or in chat applications) can be (and is frequently) accessed and read by service providers, national intelligence agencies, hackers, etc. And: Even though it is often overlooked, this also applies to the exchange of business-related information, although this information is exchanged via own corporate portals and/or other media (p.e. Secure FTP, private cloud). The resulting damage is estimated to cost billions. The means and technologies used by foreign intelligence services and the budgets made available for it are known to the public at the latest since the disclosures of Edward Snowden.

No matter if business-sensitive and/or private data – the need for ways to exchange in a secure and protected manner is huge. The exchange has to be designed in a way that only the right people can read the contents. This means that, on the one hand, an end-to-end encryption has to be present (at no time the data is unencrypted – both during the transmission and the storage) and, on the other hand, the date may be exclusively read by persons for whom they are intended.

goTRESOR is a web platform realized by GOGU Systems GmbH for that very purpose. goTRESOR may be used as an independent portal as well as an integral part of an existing portal:

    • As a B2B/B2C portal for the confidential exchange (both as an independent portal and integral part of a corporate portal)
    • As a complementary part of a existing socal network portal (both as public-commercial and intern corporate portal)
    • As an independent social network portal

As a matter of principle, in goTRESOR data and files are

    1. never transmitted without being encrypted,
    2. never deposited on a server without being encrypted, and
    3. never read by persons for whom they are not intended.

The data and files are at no time readable for persons who have access to the goTRESOR server in other ways (p.e. System administrator of the provider, intelligence agencies). This means that in goTRESOR an end-to-end encryption of all data and files is implemented.

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