All of our apps integrate the augmented reality technology (AR technology).

The AR technology allows to provide additional information in digital form (video, audio, images, text, etc.) to an already existing content or physical object.

It operates based on the recognition of an image/pattern and is implemented/integrated in an app installed on a mobile device (p.e. smartphone or tablet).

By starting, the app the camera of the device is activated. The camera is then oriented to a target (p.e. a picture) to which additional information is to be displayed in multimedia form. In the moment the camera detects the image, the multimedia content is provided in real time.

Our app portfolio

The portfolio includes a complete AR app line:


The augmented reality app (AR app) as a direct and targeted way to the multimedia content.

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GOGU Themes

In addition to the AR function, this app provides the multimedia content through subject categories.

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GOGU Tours

There are three ways to access the multimedia content:

  1. Localization function on a map
  2. Operating buttons (GOGU Themes) and
  3. AR function (GOGU AR)

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Potential applications of the AR apps

Your project in your own app: We provide our apps as white label solutions, thus publishing them under your name and with your corporate design in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. In this way your target groups can have access to your contents at any time.

Entering your contents in the app

For you to be able to work in a completely independent manner, we provide you with a content management system (CMS).