GOGU AR presents the integrated AR function in a simple and clear manner. The app is directly opened in the AR scan modus, in which the camera is activated. The user only has to look for an AR trigger (predetermined picture) with the camera, which AR trigger will act as a key to open the door for new information.

This means: In the moment of detecting the trigger, the app displays the associated multimedia content (video, audio, text and images). The user now has time to explore the contents on the smartphone while moving freely. By closing the contents, the app returns to the initial AR scan modus having the camera activated. Now, the app is ready to scan the next trigger to receive other information.

By operating the buttons, the user can select further contents to be displayed associated to the target.

GOGU AR is characterized by its ability to be easily and quickly adjusted to customer requirements. Generally, it takes less than a week for our customers to employ their own app for their purposes.