GOGU Augmented Content App

The “GOGU Augmented Content App” is a augmented content solution. The app is designed for recognizing images/patterns and displaying the augmented content.
By starting the “GOGU App” the camera of the device is activated. The camera is oriented to a target (p.e. a picture) of which additional information is to be displayed in multimedia form (augmented content).

As the camera detects the image multimedia contents are made available in real time.



By operating the buttons, the user can select further contents to be displayed in conjunction with the target.

In the standard version of the GOGU  Augmented Content App, the following main functions are available for the user:

    • Video: Play video files. While the video is running a text description is displayed in the lower portion of the screen.
    • Audio: Play audio files. In addition to the audio playback a text description may be displayed in the lower portion of the screen.
    • Text description: Display of a text description in the lower portion of the screen.
    • Photos: Display of individual image files. The image to be displayed may be selected from a photo gallery.
    • Information: Brief operating instructions (“one pager“) as well as legal notice (imprint and privacy).

Fields of application

Museumspark app: Museumspark Rüdersdorf

Gogu Augmented Content app for the museum

GOGU AUGMENTED CONTENT app for print media


Load the GOGU app and move the camera over this image!