Augmented Content Solutions

What is augmented content technology?
The augmented content technology allows to make available additional information in digital form (video, audio, images, text, etc.) to an already existing content or real-world object.

How does it work?

The augmented content technology is operating based on the recognition of an image/pattern und is implemented/integrated in an app installed on a mobile device (p.e. Smartphone or tablet).
By starting the app the camera of the device is activated. The camera is oriented to a target (p.e. a picture) of which additional information is to be displayed in multimedia form (augmented content). When the camera detects the image the multimedia content is made available in real time.

Which types of available augmented content solutions do we offer?

We offer two augmented content solutions: “GOGU App” and “GOGU CMS” (CMS = content management system). The “GOGU App” is designed for recognizing an image/pattern and displaying the augmented content. The “GOGU CMS” is designed for the input and maintenance of the augmented content. Both solutions are connected. The modification of a content in the “GOGU CMS” is retrievable in real time in the “GOGU App”.